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VR Zone - Enter a Different Dimension

Come experience your senses in a new dimension! Our virtual reality games are amazing; and our reality rides are even better! 

From fun puzzle-solving, thrilling gunfights to navigating through unknown lands, our virtual reality games have it all! They each have a unique set-up with visuals, music and effects tailored to young adult preferences and  according to its theme.

We use real 3D vision to create the most engaging and visually immersive experiences featuring in real time. Our virtual reality games and rides have been built by experts in animation and content creation. We have worked with passion to bring amazing ideas to life, and it’s an adventure that will leave you soaring.

Our VR games are technologically advanced and thrilling, and it’s truly a treat that everyone should have the privilege to play.

Virtual Reality is amongst Bahrain’s top most immersive gaming zones. Come immerse yourself in adventures traveling across seas, amidst lands beyond time and within hidden spots of the jungle. There is something for everyone here.