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Food and Beverage

Dinerama - Enjoy the Most Delicious Food

Come try out our freshly made American-style diner food. This is not your average diner; we are committed to making your time with us a joyful experience all around, so the food here is a classic and you’ll definitely enjoy your meal here.

This place has all the sumptuous delights you can think of from burgers and fries to pizzas to milkshakes, so be sure to stop by Dinerama and treat yourself to some incredibly tasty food!

Our diner is themed and layered with a lot of stylings that touch on classic diners around America. Be sure to check our Dinerama while you’re here at the Matrix.

The Lounge - Kick Back and Chill Out

Take a break from being a Ninja or a skater and just chill out at the lounge.

Grab yourself a cool/hot beverage and definitely get some rest and relaxation before you get back for another round!

Kick back at the coolest lounge and take a breather on our plush and comfortable seats.