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Stump’d - Calling Out to Cricket Fans Everywhere!

We have created an evergreen cricket area for cricket fans.Stump’d is a high-tech cricket bowling simulation game that replicates the spin, speed, pace and bounce that is generated during a bowler’s throw. Come play cricket and improve your batting against the best fast bowls! Levels start from amateur to pro so even adults can check in with their best shots.

The camera’s lens captures your every move so that you can have an accurate playback of your plays and improve in your next shot. Select from legendary bowlers and see them throw you a shot you’ll remember forever.

Stocked with the best cricket equipment kit and shot replays of your hits, come to Matrix and train like a pro at our cricket area. For ages 12 and above, Stump’d is a fantastic way to have fun with your friends while engaging in this legendary sport.