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Homerun - Knock it out of the Field!

Have you ever watched baseball being played from English movies and wanted to try it out for yourself? Here at Homerun baseball center we have simulated the experience to be as close to the real thing as possible. Our system projects a pitcher on the screen and it will wind up and deliver a real baseball through the screen. Take your shot and wait for the results.

How does it work? Well, our system will shoot anything from fastballs to breaking balls, and change-ups. After you hit your bat, the sensors in the cage will pick up your movements and simulate the outcome of your hit. You’ll then get your scores on the screen and be able to see if it was a homerun or a foul ball. Visit Matrix’s Homerun at Juffair mall and take a whack at this all-american sport.

The sensor has been optimized for players to grow better at their journey based on their skill level. Players can choose their comfort level and speed and get better with practice.